PC Visions The Story

Since the inception of the PC, our founder Joe Korman has been a constant proponent of the advantages and sheer simplicity of doing things better and easier.  With a "less is more" philosophy, PC Visions has a reputation for getting things done. Welcome to our website and please feel free to scroll below to read about what PC Visions has done in the past and what we can do for you !

Engineering Firms:

demoPC Visions has a unique relationship with engineers as our founder's father is a civil engineer. We have a keen understaing of design requirements and autocad. Joe is very proud that his Dad worked on the GSP Driscoll Bridge project and many others.

Trial Presentations:

demoLet me just start by saying we were fully responsible for all electronic evidence prepwork for a $28,000,000 and $14,000,000 verdict. Our compassionate client interaction and presentaion experience is a valuable asset to have on your side.

Law Firm Experience:

demoLaw Firm computerzation is how we started our business. We are proud to have been a contributor to the ATLA and NJAJ organization. We clearly understand the needs of law firms, specifically statute list and maximising case value.


Whats New:

Avoid System Downtime

demoLast year we were busy with computer system repairs because of the hurricane and ice storm. We had some clients that were down for two weeks because of power failures. We offer many solutions through redundant servers and off site backup. We have also partnered with smbpod.com, that offers excellent off-site backup options.

Updated: May 2, 2012

Current News:

Better Search Engine Ranking

demoWe are proud that if you search for us and type anything like nj computer consultant we have jumped to the second page from our previous position in the abyss of over 4 million possible hits. We know how tough it is to get new business and we definitely can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Updated: May 2, 2012

The History Of PC Visions


Upon graduating Rutgers University our founder Joe Korman already had a keen understanding of what the first generation Apple and IBM computers were capable of.  By using the earliest versions of ACT or custom programming in Microsoft Access the creation of marketing databases were instrumental in how PC Visons was started.  Through these tools PC Visions helped many businesses expand their client base.

We were one of the first computer companies to be able to access public voter registration information and were of great assistance to New Jersey Governor James McGreevy’s first run for public office when he ran for mayor of Woodbridge, NJ.

With a focus on Law Firm and Engineering Firm automation, we were excited to branch out into many other sectors where our talents were utilized which include:

  • Microsoft server installation and maintenance

  • Exchange server installation and maintenance

  • Iphone to exchange server integration

  • Workstation installation and maintenance

  • MS Office and Wordperfect integration and training

  • Web page development

  •  Exchange

  •  Medical Office Systems

  •  Phone system configuration and installation

  •  Low voltage computer and phone cabling

  •  Water System Grid Automation through the Scada System

  •  Trial Presentation Graphics

  •  Computer and Data Expert Forensics

  •  VPN and Remote Access

The philosophies from our beginning continue today, where we pride ourselves in being a total technology provider and guide for our client base.  Our expertise in evidence and trial preparation was “an important part” in a 14 million dollar trial verdict in Union County, New Jersey.  We have just recently moved a 20 person office overnight and integrated a state of the art Allworx ip phone system.

Our expertise in computer forensics has been tapped for basic things like matrimonial and worker sexual harassment cases. We were also monumental in disseminating accusations of another computer forensics company that was falsely attacking our client.

The marvels of what technology can do for your organization is what keeps us in business.  We are always looking at cost effective solutions that help your bottom line and we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you what we can do for you.


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