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Our company has a keen understanding of the needs of engineering firms. Our founders father was involved in design work on many of the infrastructure we drive through as a part of our daily lives.

The complexities of loading and configuring autocad through the overall integration of accounting and email systems with time billing are very clear to us.

Engineering Firms:

demoPC Visions has a unique relationship with engineers as our founder's father is a civil engineer. We have a keen understanding of design requirements and autocad. Joe is very proud that his Dad worked on the GSP Driscoll Bridge project and many others.

Trial Presentations:

demoLet me just start by saying we were fully responsible for all electronic evidence prepwork for a $28,000,000 and $14,000,000 verdict. Our compassionate client interaction and presentaion experience is a very valuable asset to have on your side.

Law Firm Experience:

demoLaw Firm computerzation is how we started our business. We are proud to have been a contributor to the ATLA and NJAJ organizations. We clearly understand the needs of law firms, specifically statute lists and maximizing case value.


Whats New:

Avoid System Downtime

demoLast year we were busy with computer system repairs because of the hurricane and ice storm. We had some clients that were down for two weeks because of power failures. We offer many solutions through redundant servers and off site backup. We have also partnered with, that offers excellent off-site backup options.

Updated: May 2, 2012

Current News:

Better Search Engine Ranking

demoWe are proud that if you search for us and type anything like nj computer consultant we have jumped to the second page from our previous position in the abyss of over 4 million possible hits. We know how tough it is to get new business and we definitely can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Updated: May 2, 2012

Engineering Firm Computer Systems


Its all about autocad and understaing the specific detailed needs that are so important to maintaining a strong working relationship.

We have worked with autocad from its dos version to the present 2013 3d version. We understand the importance of maintaining layer integrity and continuity on server upgrades.

You business model counts on constant computer system uptime as time billing is how you generate revenue. We have learned that the most important thing is to do any system work on off hours.

We have integrated the following time billing packages that have written engineering modules. Soloman Accounting in a 150 person environment over 4 branches. Deltek accounting and Deltek Vision in a 150 and 25 person installation.

We also have experience in supporting and maintaining a municipal engineering department.

We are aware that engineering firms posess many tech savy staff in their employ. We have clearly proven that in order to maximise profitability we help keep people working and designing, and we do what we specialize in.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and show you how we are the best technology company to service your office needs.


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