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Whats New:

Avoid System Downtime

demoLast year we were busy with computer system repairs because of the hurricane and ice storm. We had some clients that were down for two weeks because of power failures. We offer many solutions through redundant servers and off site backup. We have also partnered with, that offers excellent off-site backup options.

Updated: May 2, 2012

Current News:

Better Search Engine Ranking

demoWe are proud that if you search for us and type anything like nj computer consultant we have jumped to the second page from our previous position in the abyss of over 4 million possible hits. We know how tough it is to get new business and we definitely can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Updated: May 2, 2012

New Jersey Computer Consulting At Its Best


In today's complex business environment, successful companies depend on reliable computer systems and more importantly DEPENDABLE service.. PC Visions was founded in 1987 with a philosophy of providing our clients with solutions for all their computer system requirements. We are always evolving with the newest technologies in order to meet the demands of our clients with a focus on being practical. We pride ourselves in fulfilling a niche in the computer field where our core client is local and within an hour of a service call.


New Jersey Computer Network Repairs and Design


PC Visions is a company focused on giving superior computer support for network and system repairs. We design and properly plan for additional hardware and software to your existing network. We believe that building a strong relationship with our customers is the key to our success. Our employees are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with the best services in the industry. PC Visions has built a name on the premise of ethical practice and will give you the peace of mind that your technical needs will be handled in a timely and professional manner. We believe that in order to be successful, it is our job to understand your business.

Our rapid response philosophy enables us to maintain our belief that we can do better than our competition.  We do more than just try to satisfy, we pride ourselves on excellence.

Instead of having a “computer geek” or "computer guy", with PC Visions you have a team member that is on your side and accessible 24/7 for real.


We Service All Of Your Hardware and Software Needs

  • Computer Workstation Repairs and Anti-Virus Maintenance
  • File Server Repairs and Data Recovery Specialists
  • Active Directory Implementation and Management
  • New Server Deployments Running Virtualization and Offsite Redundancy
  • Office Cabling for Computers and Phone Systems
  • Backup Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Hardware Upgrades and Deployment
  • Phone System Installation and Maintenance
  • Cable, FIOS, DSL, and T1 Internet Solutions
  • Software Upgrades and Implementation
  • Secure Remote Office and Home Access Setup
  • Mobile Office Solutions (Blackberry/iPhone)
  • SQL and Sybase Database Solutions
  • Web Site Design
  • Evaluation of Network Environment Efficiency and Security
  • Network Upgrades and Security Enhancement
  • Needles Case Management Specialist





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